Precisely defining the aim of the campaign and the needs of its target audience

Each of our campaigns is preceded by the crucial stage in which we strive to gain a deep understanding of the Client’s needs. In order to create a strategy that will achieve maximum impact, and propose the most appropriate advertising solutions, we focus on precisely defining the aim of the campaign, and the needs of its target audience.

We analyze the target group in regard to the motivations behind its decision-making process, and identifying the opportunities and dangers posed by the competition.

We have a unique system for the monitoring and optimization of campaigns (CTR, CR, scope, frequency, etc.) which guarantees the selection of the best form of advertising. We offer our clients access to databases that contain detailed information about campaigns in progress. We also guarantee savings: thanks to excellent relations with our Partners, we can secure attractive discounts and advertising space from big web portals, advertising networks, and smaller, independent Internet entities alike.


  • Comprehensive interactive strategies
  • Planning Social Media presence
  • Planning media activities
  • Online media strategies
  • Promotional campaigns and contests
  • Loyalty programs
  • web portals


  • Corporate portals
  • Product portals
  • Dedicated webpages and ads for campaigns
  • Contest platforms
  • Loyalty programs
  • Mobile and social apps


  • In-depth interviews
  • Quantity studies
  • Eye-Tracking
  • A/B Tests
  • Focus groups

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